Accepting what is!

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Accepting what is: Human mind has seen tremendous improvement or we can say evolution, with time. We have made resources, and got to the highest form of the food chain. And we all search for answers on how to accept reality and be happy.

Moreover, now life is not about survival, in fact it’s more about living.

And only humans have this ability or mind to understand living.

But with this great power, came our greatest drawback of suffering, struggle, impatience, anxiety, etc.

Mind is supposed to help us in this evolution process. However it became our biggest enemy, at least for a many of us.

Consequently, it has become a big struggle to live with such a mind, which was supposed to be our servant. But it has become our leader.

Now that is what we call, living an abnormal life.

Table of contents:

  • Abnormal Life
  • Harmony with the Nature
  • Accepting What is

Abnormal life:

What exactly is an abnormal life? The abnormal life in this context can be a normal life for many.

For instance, Living in a mental hospital with all the mental patients, abnormal can be a normal thing. But if you act normal as per the society norms, then you will be tagged as abnormal among the patients there.

That is to say, living with a lack of awareness is actually like living an abnormal life.

Here in this context, abnormal is referred to as living a struggling life. Wherein you struggle for money, relationships, love, etc.

But many consider this abnormal to be normal, because that is how all others live in our surroundings. And a very few understand this abnormality, and they try to preach them out.

And the funny part is they consider these preachers to be abnormal.

Further, Low level of awareness is a sign that you are struggling with your life, your mind, your emotions. And continue living like this, you do not have to wait for going to hell.

Because your life will be a living hell.

To understand the concept of hell and heaven, read the blog: The Teachings of Jesus Christ. A brief understanding of the topic is covered there.

Going further, why do we live such an abnormal life? The problem is we are not aware of these things.

Moreover, Many of us have not even heard of living with awareness. Awareness, in this context, is being aware of your thoughts, movement, breathe, your surroundings.

And We have learnt in the topic of Law of Attraction Money that we have to be aligned with the nature.

Harmony with the Nature:

First of all, this is the answer to ‘How to accept reality and move on?’

This harmony with the nature can only be built with your awareness level. The more aware you are, the better you are aligned with the nature.

Firstly, why to bring harmony with nature?

What are the benefits?

Simply said, we all wish to attract a quality life with abundance of money, relationship, love, etc.

Being in harmony with nature is the only way you can get these things in abundance.

And it is so powerful that things will start to work for you, just with your mere presence.

Moreover, You will become such a powerful magnet that your presence will start influencing things and people around you.

Further, this harmony is about connecting yourself to that one source inside of you. And you can give it any name. Like God, universe, nature, etc.

Now, let us understand what is the way to achieve this harmony with nature. And that is by ‘Accepting what is’.

Accepting what is:

Before we get to know ‘Acceptance of Reality’, let us understand this point that:

‘In a moment there can only be one thing, Either You live or your mind’

That is to say, whenever you are completely present in a particular moment, the mind dies.

(Please try and understand this Truth. If required, read again. But get the basics cleared.)

We might have this confusion, if the mind dies then how will we be able to think.

And that is the contradiction here, you do not have to think to be in harmony with the nature.

Moreover, All your work will be done with the power of intuition. Once you are in harmony with the nature, you will observe your body taking actions on the basis of intuitions.

And those actions will be incredibly powerful that all your desires will be fulfilled by default.

Now, the question is;

How to be in harmony with the Nature?

This can be achieved by the practice of being in the moment. And that practice is ‘Accepting what is’.

These have been covered in The Power of Acceptance blog.

Accepting what is‘ can be done by understanding the minds habit of tagging things as good and bad. Also it tags known things with names.

For example, There is a fan in our living room. A child’s mind observes it with curiosity, but an adult mind tags it as ‘fan’ and says: what is there to observe in a fan?

So, remember this, anytime our mind tags anything with names or categories(good or bad), we lose our power of observation.

Start to observe things around you with curiosity, as if your mind does not know anything.

That is to say, when you will start to observe things as it is and then you will accept what is.

An untrained mind, labels every situation as good or bad. Which is not true to a subtle point.

Because of this label, we do not see the situation as it is. Thus stopping us from being in harmony with the nature.

So if we stop labeling things or situations we will be able to accept what is.

So how can we do that?

Practical Solution:

The best solution is to target and eradicate the reasons that mind gives.

It is almost impossible to eradicate the reasons because the mind would not believe it.

So the practical way is to replace the reasons with what is.

For instance,

  • Wrong reasoning: I am eating chocolate because I like chocolates.
    Right reasoning: I am eating chocolate because I am eating chocolate.

  • Wrong: I fell down because the floor was slippery.
    Right: I fell down because I fell down.

With this perspective of thinking, ‘Accepting what is’ can be a very easy task. And this will in fact help you to be in alignment with the nature.

And this is the best way on how to accept yourself and be happy.

Moreover, with these you will become a powerful magnet attracting all the good things, that your mind considers good. Like money, relationship, love, etc.

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Merin Anup
Merin Anup
3 years ago

Living in the moment is accepting the present. It’s not easy but it can be done.

3 years ago

I always thought an ideal mind is devil’s workshop.. u proved other wise…👌

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