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Once upon a time, humans introduced the system of attracting money to trade things that is followed till date, to balance the civilized society and to value things as per their demand. Prior to which we had the barter system in place. 

Since then, money has become a very vital part of our life. In other words, Money has become a reason for survival.

Further, it has become so important that people are ready to even sell themselves for it.

Moreover, struggle for money has become more prevalent than the struggle for survival.

Subsequently, why to struggle when we can attract money by attaining a certain level of consciousness and practice.

Many have heard about this, but very few know how to actually use this secret of attracting money. This secret is called the Law of Attraction.

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction is a perfect law like any other laws of science. It is a law which talks about how turn of events come in our lives. That is to say, Everything happens for a reason. And it is better understood by the law of attraction.

In other words, law of attraction is about attracting things, events in our lives or in short this is how the story of life runs in this world.

Some may be like, but I do not use this law. Trust me, whether you know or not, this law is governing the universe and the major reason of how and what events takes place in our lives.

Also, Knowingly or unknowingly we are using this law. Like, law of gravity, god forbid if you happen to fall from a building. Whether you know the law of gravity or not you will fall to the ground. Further, whether you believe in the law of gravity or not it is going to happen.

The Same way, law of attraction works. So it’s better to understand and apply the law to work in our favor. And, this secret has been known to a very few and they have been using it all throughout, to attract wealth.

Napoleon for that matter had discovered this secret through his research of the wealthiest people in the world. It is possible to attract wealth by understanding and applying the law to work in your favor.

Before we proceed to know the art of attracting money, we should understand the importance of money.

Understanding the importance before attracting money:

Being very calculative about things, we as humans has given way too importance to money than it deserves. But does that help you in attracting money?

The answer is a No!

Firstly, we should understand how much focus to give to money before we start to attract money.

This has been clearly conveyed in our previous blog: The Secret Money Thought process.

Money, like any other resource is just a medium to get things done. And we are giving more attention to it, than it requires.

Further, the more attention or focus you give to money the more you will be disappointed.

For instance, it is same like petrol. You need petrol to drive your car but that doesn’t mean that you focus on collecting petrol. Your focus has to be on driving the car, right?

Same way, money is just a medium to run a quality life. Likewise, your focus should be in leading a quality life.

Further, Does it mean you should not accumulate wealth or money?

No! It just means, let wealth accumulation and money be a natural process.

If you focus less on money and more on being in the present, Money will come to you so naturally that you will be amazed on how easy it is to attain wealth.

Similarly, Lack of this knowledge is why people fail in attracting money. And we end up devastated, losing hope.

Moreover, to get a better clarity on money thought process, read the blog: Money and the Law of Attraction.

Science behind Attracting money:

Firstly, understand what to do with money. As mentioned above, giving more attention to money will make you a copper instead of a magnet. And, It means you will start pushing money away from you.

So to start with the science behind Attracting money, it is very important for you to first get a clear thought on money which is mentioned above and also in the blog: The Secret Money.

Then start with few practices:

For instance, whenever you are paying any bill or making any donation, the time you pull out the cash or card, touch it softly and practice feeling good by saying thank you to the universe or god for giving you the ability to give or donate money.

Further, Many among us have several wrong thoughts about money that run in our mind. For example, whenever we buy a grocery or some other things, we tell others(or has this thought) that we had an expense of $100(the amount spent). Instead, Start to change these thoughts and focus on what all we got with that money.

Like, previously said, do not give much attention to money. Also, contemplate and understand what all wrong money beliefs are there in our mind with regards to money. And get those cleared at the earliest. If you face any issues in doing so, you can contact me for free from the contact us page.

This way the universe will get a message that you have more than enough and it will bring those things back to you in no time.

And the only exception is, not to deviate from being happy.

Be Happy:

In short, we all miss this part and we just visualize and imagine that we will get rich.

Think about this!

If it was so easy then each and everyone of us would have been rich today.

Many are not able to attract money or attract wealth is because they do not understand the missing link.

Further we will discuss on how to overcome this missing link and make it a perfect plan of action.

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The Art of Attracting Money: How to attract money Now?

Since, now we have understood what is law of attraction, how it works, how much focus we should dedicate to money and the science behind Attracting money.

Let us now understand the missing link.

I Hope that you have completely understood the above topics because that is the foundation for attracting Money. And now we will discuss the missing link on where to keep our focus every moment.

It is very important that we practice being in the present.

Because, practically it is very clear that you cannot focus on money whole day just to manifest it.As we do a lot of other stuffs as well.

So rather than visualizing money every moment for happiness, we need to find a way that is practical and working.

Also, being happy from inside is like being a magnet and if every moment you are happy, then attracting money will be a cake walk to you.

Further, the question is; Can a person be happy in each and every moment?

Yes, it is practically possible if we have a focus point in every single moment that helps to sustain the happiness.

Firstly, let us consider, visualizing money will give us happiness.

We do a lot of other daily activities, and every moment doing other activities, we won’t be able to practically visualize money for happiness. Isn’t it?

So what is the other way round?

Now this is where practicing ‘being in the moment‘, comes into play. See, this is a completely different subject which cannot be covered in this single blog.

And you need to study the art of being in the moment in order to become a complete money magnet.

Relax! We do have a series of FREE blogs covering the practical ways on how to be in the moment. Start to read the blog: Thinking and not living in the moment.

Now understand this, there are a lot of blogs giving you shortcut tips and techniques. Believe it or not, if this was so easy, everyone would have been a billionaire.

Further, keep patience and give some time to study and practice this. Like I said before, if attracting money was so easy every one would be doing it.

Also, There are certain qualities and skills that needs to be developed. Go through the articles in Happiness Guide and learn the art.

I am trying to give you everything for Free. But do give some time to yourself to learn and go through all the articles in EasyGoGuide.

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The practices mentioned above in the science of attracting money and the money thought process combined with the practice of being in the moment, will make you an extremely powerful money magnet.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. 

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