Boredom…The Real Danger?

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Unlike any other disease, boredom is not globally recognized as a disease or a symptom to be treated till the time it reaches its peak.

We all have different tendencies when boredom hits. In the current young generation, this is also looked at as being cool, mainly because of some mainstream movies.

We all are so trained since childhood that our body has to do something, at any given point of time. If not, the parents unknowingly ask the child if he is getting bored.

Wherein, in the first place, a child never understands what boredom is, till their mind is brainwashed with these questions.

For a child, a moment is a moment. Be it doing something or not. They just love the present. No past regretful thoughts, no future plans.

Likewise, their mind has no information fed about anything. For instance, it’s like, they get hurt, they cry. And, the next moment they laugh. No holding back anything nor holding on to something.

And the beauty is, when they eat they eat, when they walk they walk, they observe world without knowing anything, as their mind has no information to process.

This experience is what is being said in the Bible: To receive heaven, you have to become a child again.

In the above context, it is not referring to rebirth or reincarnation, but about clearing the cache of information stored in the mind.

how to deal with boredom

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Further, the question to be asked is,

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Why do we get bored?

The reason is, our mind has a lot of information stored which is making us a weak observer.

In other words, We have to start looking at things as if we do not know any of the surroundings.

Not knowing is actually a blessing.

This is the secret- Not knowing, which is the ultimate truth, of which your logical mind will not agree.

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Let us all practice this and start working towards treating even the smallest speck of Boredom.

Now, some minds may ask, why do I need to treat my Boredom? Am okay with it.


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Remember this… Nothing is constant in life. If a certain thing or habit is there inside you, it will either increase or decrease depending on how often you practice it.

That is, if there is a small speck of Boredom inside of you. Remember, with time even that will increase and that time will be too critical to even understand  the small part of what is being discussed in this blog.

And if you observe, Boredom is the root cause of all evils. Knowingly or unknowingly… this is true for that matter.

Everybody is seeking happiness, if you ask yourself.

In other words, people look for a good job…why not a bad job?

Same way, people want to do big things in life…why not small?

It is not bad to have a good job or to do big things, but it is worst to think that these will give you happiness. If that is what you believe, trust me some day boredom is going to kill you.

If not kill, then it will make you feel incomplete and lost.

Now the question is,

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How to cure the smallest speck of Boredom?

First of all let us thank our emotion called feelings because feelings are actually the indications that tell us whether we are going in the right direction or right frame of mind.

And the exception to this is, the reason for feelings should be from inside.

Because even having a drink with friends will give you good feelings. Common sense has to be applied even to the illogical path of happiness.

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Do let us know if you have any questions and if this is helpful kindly share this to your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

A hearty thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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Jennifer Dsilva
Jennifer Dsilva
4 years ago

You are an amazing author. These articles really are of a lot of help. Keep writing Anup. Thank you.

4 years ago

Yea keep writing Anup.. u sure have lots of supporters


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4 years ago

Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us
so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m
bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
Terrific blog and outstanding style and design.


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