The Crucial 21 days

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24th March 2020
India declared a 21 days lock down to fight Corona Virus which is actually a good opportunity to develop or break a habit. 

Now, firstly, the question is;

How long does it take to break a habit? 

In short, the answer is, approximately 21 days.


In addition to this, the complete lock-down has been one of a crucial decision with many countries so far that we are witnessing today.

And now, we all are looking at a very spiritual side of humanity, where there is no religion, no caste, no region-ism, no color. We as people, as a human being, have come forward to fight a common enemy- Corona virus.

Therefore, this is the biggest sign that we all are humans first. Religion, creed, caste, color comes later.

Certainly, we all have mixture of feelings during this phase. Considering the people who lost their lives to Corona and the people who are fighting for all of us to survive.

Most importantly, this is the time to be strong.

Instead, this battle has United the entire human clad together.

This 21 days Lock down is not only for us to fight Corona but also to rejuvenate and start a new life, once all this is over.

“It is a great opportunity for all of us to look back and set our priorities. 

A good opportunity to embrace our real Human nature, that is Love.

The perfect time for all of us to become as one Human Clan.”

In addition, this is a much needed Sabbath for us to understand and break our harmful habits and start to develop a new habit pattern. And, as mentioned, it takes approximately 21 days to develop or break any habit.

Therefore, let us all utilize this 21 days lock down to work on our habits and bring the best version of our-self by the end of all this.

Now the question is,

What habits to develop?

Before we get to the conclusion, let us all analyse and understand what is it that we want out of our Life.

In addition, what is that one thing that you always wanted to do?

Above all, the best thing is, we all have the time to introspect now. So let us all tell our little friend named ‘Excuse’ to sit down and relax.

Further, Some basic habits that we all can develop is the habit of exercise, meditation, waking up early, etc.

Moreover, to get a better perspective on what is the best habit that we can develop, read- Corona Arrest.

In short, Target any one habit and let’s win over that.

So what habits will you develop?

Trust me, by the end of all this chaos, you will be a completely transformed person.

Similarly, at the end, it won’t be about the habit that you chose, but, about your inner self-confidence, that will transform and assure you that you can achieve any damn thing in life.

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