How to deal with depression and anxiety?

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This is going to be a very in-depth topic on how to deal with depression and anxiety. So I will give you a few instructions before you start with the topic.

Firstly, do not judge and read till the end. And do some contemplation yourself in order to get the gist of what is being discussed here.

So read carefully till the end, and if you have any queries you can always reach out to me.

Also there is a secret tip given at the end on how to deal with depression and anxiety, which you can easily use to treat the problem.

So let us start. 

  • What is depression and anxiety?
  • Understanding the reason for depression and anxiety.
  • What does the medicines do?
  • Why is it difficult dealing with depression and anxiety?
  • How to deal with depression and anxiety?
  • Conclusion

What is depression and anxiety?

Let us first understand this, before we start dealing on how to treat it. Isn’t Depression and anxiety a psychological disorder where we tend to think way too much.

Now, further, let us question this, is thinking too much bad?

And the answer to this depends on the kind of thoughts. That is, if there is clarity in thinking then thinking too much is good.

Helping someone with depression
Helping someone with depression

In other words, it is necessary to think too much, if required, to overcome certain situations. But the only exception is, there should be a clear intention or clarity that these thinking is just to overcome a particular situation.

So, with this questioning we got one answer that thinking too much is not called Depression or anxiety.

And the same goes vice versa. If there is no clarity in the thinking, then too much of it can be termed as depression and anxiety.

Understanding the reason for depression and anxiety:

I am trying to keep this topic very simple for you to understand. And with this understanding you will easily be able to deal with depression and anxiety.

Like I claimed in the beginning, do not judge and keep reading till the end for the secret tip on how to deal with this psychological disorder.

Depression Treatment
Depression Treatment

Let me ask you, why do we get depressed or anxious for that matter?

Is it always a psychological problem or can it be because of a physical problem as well?

I want you to pause and think about this for few moments. Please do contemplate and try to get an answer.

Isn’t the disorder sometimes a physical cause as well. For instance, if you have a bad weather, would you be happily jumping over or would you be in a situation to understand what is being discussed here. No, right!

Your complete focus would be on how bad you feel because of the weather.

Likewise, if you have digestion issues and the motion has not passed since a day or two. With this upset stomach would you be able to think of anything else apart from the said problem?

And the thinking doesn’t end there. With a depressed thought you will take more depressed actions. Like doing nothing, listening to sad music, lay down on bed the whole day, etc.

And because of these actions, you get more depressed thoughts or regretful thoughts. That is, it becomes a cycle.

To sum it up, it is not always a psychological problem, it can be due to a physical problem as well.

So it is very important that we understand this.

What does the medicines do?

Further, it is necessary to take medical help if the problem persists and is beyond control. But let us also understand how the medical therapy works.

Firstly let us understand the physical impact. That is, we need to have some hormones to be secreted in our body like serotonin, endorphin, dopamine which are also know as happy hormones. And there are some hormones that does not need to be secreted like cortisol which is also known as stress hormone.

I am trying to explain the medical aspect in simple language so that you have a clear understanding of all this, which will have a major influence in treating yourself.

Antidepressant medication
Antidepressant medication

Further, when there is increase or decrease in these hormones, we see that impact in our mood. And the extreme cases leads to depression or anxiety issues.

So what the medicines do is, it increases the happy hormones and suppresses the stress hormone.

And there is small amount of dosage that is provided for this. Moreover with constant use of these tablets, our body becomes resilient to these anti depressant medicines.

In simple words, the body doesn’t have any effect of these medicines. So the physicians are forced to increase the dose.

And then the addiction phase starts. Now the mind, even in a normal state becomes unstable, because it is addicted to dopamine and other happy hormones.

That is to say, now the mind has connected ‘normal state’ with high level of dopamine which it got from the medicines.

So the mind would crave for more such medicines and in the long run, body is handicapped with the ability to generate happy hormones on it own. And the medicines will show side effects like organ damage, identity issues, etc.

Firstly, the secretion of these hormones was supposed to be a natural process.

I am not against medication. If required you should consult your physician and take medical help.

In fact I want you to take the knowledge given here and improve your life.

Why is it difficult dealing with depression?

The very first challenge is that we do not have a clear picture of why this problem persists. So we end up treating the symptoms.

Like, we discussed above, the medications just treat the physical aspect, that is the hormones. But it does not look at the psychological aspect.

It is very important that we have a proper contemplation and then deal with it.

It is very easy to treat depression and anxiety issues, which is covered in this blog. So keep reading till the end. And more importantly, try to understand each and every point discussed here.

Depression Symptoms and Warning signs
Depression Symptoms and Warning signs

Further the real problem starts with boredom which we do not even consider to be a disease. You really need to understand this. And this is a complete different topic which is neatly covered in my blog: Boredom… The real danger?

Moreover, we do not realize our purpose of life. And because of this we lead a very meaningless life.

In other words, we should have a reason to get out of bed everyday with enthusiasm. To understand this I strongly recommend you to read this wonderful book named Ikigai.

Buy Ikigai Book

You can now purchase this Book at a very discounted price from Amazon. You can click the image to know more!

How to deal with depression and anxiety?

Now since we have understood the reason behind depression and anxiety, we can easily deal with it.

Firstly we need to set our fuel. For instance, vehicle needs petrol, fan needs electricity, likewise human body needs food to function.

And this food is our partial fuel. So the better the quality of fuel the better we will function.

And the real fuel which has a direct impact on our state of mind are the five elements of the body.

The five elements of Human body are:

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Air
  5. Sky

In order to treat this disease called depression or anxiety, we need the perfect fuel for all the five elements.

This is the secret tip that is going to change your life. Analyse where you lack or what is the reason for this dis-ease.

Secret Tip: We need perfect fuel for all the five elements of our body.

Understanding these five elements and fueling it properly will treat depression and anxiety issues.

Before we proceed, I will make an appeal.

If you like my blogs, please do support my work on by becoming a Patron. You can do so by donating any amount you wish by clicking on the below button. It is your support that helps me make these contents.

Let us understand these in detail:

1. Earth:

It is what the food we eat. And we need to make sure we consume more of ‘living food’ which has the sunlight on it. That is green vegetables.

Sunlight produces chlorophyll which has a lot of benefits like blood detoxification, odor control, wound healing, etc.

This in short has a direct impact on the mood.

2. Fire:

Direct Sunlight has to be induced which instills fuel to your fire element.

Further it is scientifically proven that a lack of sunlight can lead to several ailments and one such disease is depression.

3. Water:

We all know majority portion of our body is water. So it is very essential we balance the water content by regular intake of fresh and clean water.

Water covers 70% of our body and hence we need to consume accordingly to balance the acid in our body.

Further there is a way how to intake water which is a key knowledge given in Ayurveda by an ancient Ayurveda preacher named ‘Vagbhata’.

He said the four golden rules of drinking water that will help you prevent more than 80% of the diseases including obesity and other dreadful diseases. And they are:

1. Never drink water after or before eating food. There should be a gap of at-least one hour.

As this will help the digestive fire to burn the food that we eat. If we drink water immediately after food then the digestive juice is neutralized and thus the food is not burnt.

And it lies in the stomach for long producing harmful bacteria’s and gases.

2. Drink slow and in small quantity. It is said that every small quantity of water should enter the mouth and mix with your saliva before going into the stomach.

And this saliva has a lot of medicinal properties which when mixed with water can cleanse your stomach.

Thus helping you in intestinal problems which indirectly impacts your mood.

All the living beings drink water like this. You can observe them. Like birds, animals etc.

3. Once you wake up, the first thing you are supposed to do is drink lots of water.

The saliva in the mouth has to go into the stomach. And this will cleanse your stomach well. So you will feel light and happy.

4. Never drink too cold water directly taken out of the fridge. As our stomach is responsible for maintaining the body temperature and it is warm.

So when we drink very cold water then the stomach uses a lot of energy to fight it and to make it warm.

And we should be grateful to our stomach that it is doing so. Because if it stops this process, then the moment you drink cold water you will die.

I mean literally die.

Do follow these golden rules and let me know how your life has changed with this.

I am really willing to see a lot of success stories so please do comment.

4. Air:

Further Try to take time out to get some fresh air. This is also one element of the body which you need to fuel.

This element covers 6% of our body and is not to be neglected.

So get some fresh air and it will have a direct impact on how you feel.

5. Sky:

This is one element which depicts space. And this is the reason why you feel good when you go out in open space.

Suppose if you are kept in a small dark room for hours, and suddenly you are let out, you will feel good right!

The reason is because it is an element of our body and this needs to be fueled as well.


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To sum it up, the best way to deal with depression or anxiety is to fuel all the five elements with which our human body is made.

And this will have a direct impact on our mood.

Lastly, know the purpose of your life that can be clearly understood through the book that I recommended here. It’s called Ikigai.

Hope this has helped you. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you better.


The common anxiety related signs and symptoms are:
  • Nervous, restlessness.
  • Illusion of self proclaimed danger, panic.
  • Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Sweating.
  • Trembling.
  • Feeling weak or exhausted.

Yes! Yoga will definitely help you to deal with anxiety and depression. Follow the teachings given in this blog along with yoga, its a 100% guarantee that you will never have any anxiety or depression symptoms.

There is a yoga form or practice called as ‘Pranayama’. In that ‘Anulom Vilom’ will be specifically helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety.

For your convenience, I have added a video guiding you on how to do ‘Anulom vilom’.


Yes it does. But make sure you practice the correct form and practices of Yoga as guided by an expert.


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3 years ago

Actually some time some people put inside our mind that we are depressed… then we start thinking about it n the law of attraction attracts it towards us .. let me share my life experience..a self named friend of my husband told one of his friend that his wife z depressed…so this guy started telling his lovely wife everyday that she need to overcome her depression…the truth is she was never depressed…the other person put that idea into his mind n law of attraction started acting….. This article will really help all of us…🙏

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Terra Cadice
3 years ago

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someone, how i end anxiety and panic attacks here.

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Melisa Maschmeyer
3 years ago

I’ve been looking for this kind of article
is great and let me help someone, how i end anxiety and panic attacks here.

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