Distractions: The King of Failure!

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Distractions were always there in a human beings life. And the only difference now is, it is increasing steadily with the day.

Further, we all have such a powerful technology handy that we have more information today than any generation that has ever lived.

And this has become a boon as well as a curse, depending on how your focus is.

Moreover, Distractions are always there, irrespective of what you do. But it is up to us on how to train our brain to be focused.


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What is Distraction?

Distraction Meaning: Distraction is a tangible or intangible thing that prevents one from concentrating on something.

Further, it is just the choices that we get in a particular moment.

Moreover, there is no harm in making the distraction related choices, unless you have a desired goal.

That is, Every action has its own outcome.

And this outcome is based on the choices you make.

If you make distracted choices, the outcome will be accordingly.

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Distractions Synonym:

Distractions synonym

The Logic of Distractions:

We have made a lot of abstract versions of distractions. However, like I said before, these are just choices.

For instance, If you have an assignment to finish as the deadline is near, and there is a new Netflix series online, then you have a choice to make.

Further, both the choices will give a certain outcome.

That is, one will please and satisfy our temptation senses and the other will give you growth in terms of work.

So now it is about the outcome you desire.

types of interruptions at work

And the crazy part is many of us choose to please the senses. Further they make this choice so consistently that it becomes their habit.

Before we proceed, let us understand the five senses of the body. And they are sight, hear, touch, feel, smell.

And whatever pleases these, becomes our temptation.

Also, since we have the habit of giving in to our temptation, the choice we make becomes a default one and we call it distraction.

Firstly, there is nothing called as distractions. That is, they are just a choice that we make by default. In other words, being habitual about choices.

Further, one thing that I observed is many of us never change since childhood.

That is many of our habits are same and it seems as if we are the same child from inside, just that the body has evolved with time.

And the choices that we made as a child is the same now, with most of us.

In this context, choices are divided in two segments. And they are;

  1. Choices based on the importance of tasks.
  2. Choices based on our 5 senses.

So, as a child if you were habitual in making choices based on your 5 senses, then you are a person who have a low concentration power.

Types of Distractions

There are Two major types of Distractions in life, which can be further subdivided. They are:

  1. Internal Distractions
  2. External Distractions

Let us understand these in brief.

1. Internal Distractions:

They are mainly from inside our body. That is, cognitive, ailments in the body, etc.

For instance, a student is trying to focus on his studies but due to a physical injury he/she is not able to.

Also, an untrained mind that has the habit of wandering in La La Land is one of the examples of Internal Distractions.

2. External Distractions:

They are mainly due to events or circumstances outside the body.

Further, these distractions are actually bad choices that we make depending on what pleases one or more of our 5 senses.

For instance, Unhealthy eating, pornography, etc. 

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The Power of Concentration/Focus

Concentration is a completely different topic that I will cover in detail, in another blog. However, one thing is sure that this skill has to be developed for a peaceful journey of life.

Day-by-day we are losing this power, with the tremendous development in technology.

For instance, in the ancient times people used to analyze pictures to get the stories, then there came books.

So with reading people had a tremendous concentration power, since they had to wait for several days to finish a book.

Due to this the power of focus was extraordinary.

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But with time technology developed and there came cinema. And then this power that human beings possessed, reduced to hours.

Further, today technology has grown tremendously and everything is just a click away. That is, with YouTube, this power has reduced to few minutes.

And finally, Tik-Tok has taken this to extreme, where-in our focus power is reduced to just few seconds.

In other words, every second we look for something entertaining and swipe.

And it seems like, someday the technology will take over humans, with the concentration power reaching zero.

How to Avoid Distractions?

Dealing with Distractions:

Since we have understood the topic distraction and power of Concentration. Let us deeply understand, how to avoid distractions and stay focused.

There are various steps that you need to inculcate in your habit.

1. Do Not Multi-Task

That is, focus on one thing at a time. In other words, it is better to give 100% to a task than to do 2 tasks at 50% each.

It is all about habit. Once you get the habit of doing one task at a time with 100% focus, it will reflect in other aspects of your life too.

Because now it has become your habit.

2. Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness is one of the aspects of doing one task at a time.

In other words, this will help you to get that flow required to go through every tasks smoothly.

I have a separate blog that covers this topic in detail. You can check it out : Mindfulness.

3. Take Frequent Stipulated breaks

This is required so that you don’t get exhausted or break the flow. According to your convenience you can take break in 20 mins or 50 minutes or 1 hour, etc.

Also, I suggest to start small. But in that duration of work you should be completely immersed in work and when the break alarm rings, just relax.

Distractions: how to not get distracted by love

Also, keep your phone or any device switched off or away from your sight and reach during the work time.

Further, I suggest to do a body scan meditation in that break. I have put a video here to assist you with this.

4. Take a Social Media or Technology Fasting

Once a week, fasting is good for the body. Likewise, once a week technology or social media fasting is good for the mind.

That is, at-least once in a week, make sure your tech devices are turned off or out of your reach the whole day.

In that day, just be with yourself, look deep-in to understand how your mind body mechanism works.

This will bring a remarkable change in your life.

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I have already covered this Topic on ‘how to avoid distractions while studying’ in detail. You can go through the Article: Avoid Distractions

This falls in the Internal Distraction category, which is very common now-a-days. 

Mindfulness is the Best way to stop getting distracted by thoughts.

In order to know how to avoid distractions at work, Just follow the information provided in How to avoid distractions. That is; Do not Multi-Task, Mindfulness, Take Frequent breaks, Social media/Technology fasting.

  • Easily diverted
  • Inattentive
  • Absent-minded
  • Dreamy

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