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    For many players who are keen on the Steam community, getting XP to promote Steam Level Up is something they often do. Due to the existence of Steam Workshop: Artwork, it becomes meaningful for players to improve their personal information interface, and players can give full play to their creativity.

    Steam Artwork

    Steam Artwork is a tag like most communities. You can find this option under the community homepage to view the artwork posted by players. You can choose your favorite games and popular works of art, and express your opinions.

    Add artwork to Steam?

    First, you need to find the game you like and enter the relevant community. The “Upload Artwork” button in the upper right corner is the easiest way. Add a title, description, and upload for your work. You can directly choose to save it to your personal profile or upload it to the community center.


    First of all, your work must be original work. If it is someone else’s work, you must note the source and author information. Then it must match the content of the community center you choose, otherwise, it is likely to be marked as incompatible works.

    Do not upload any inappropriate artwork. Works that contain racism, sexual content or nudity, or gore will be reported by other players and then deleted.

    Generally, players will check your profile interface after publishing some of their creative works. Buy Steam Level up, increase your level, decorate the profile interface better, you can get more players’ follow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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