What is the True meaning of Happiness?

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What is the True meaning of Happiness: Happiness all bound by its simplicity yet complex theories have made it a cosmic phenomenon which is hard to achieve.

And when I say hard to achieve, I am pointing towards the True happiness. By the way, we as humans are expert in temporary happiness.

Also there are a hell lot of guides available online that will show you the path to temporary happiness.


Since the beginning of life, happiness has been an ulterior motivator for the actions that we take.

Even when it comes to animals, it is the same. But the only difference between animals and us is that we can consciously choose to be happy.

That power of choosing has been a superiority in humans but it became a curse as well, since we are unable to convince our logical mind to do so in most cases, which is a debatable topic in its own.

With the passage of time technology developed and so did the load off our shoulders. Like we discovered electricity, vehicles, etc that made life easier for us.

But some subtle things started to change with time, which became a catalyst for us being deprived of Happiness.

That is ‘want‘ started to take over ‘need‘ because of which ‘greed‘ took birth and so was the death of our true happiness.

happiness true meaning

In other words, humans started to work in the stone age just to gather food, like animals. But with time we learnt to trade and when currency came into existence, it took over the basics for which we had started to work.

In other words, life was simple back then. Wherein men used to get food for the family and then spent time together enjoying and cherishing the small moments.

There was no thought of seeking for happiness back then in the stoneage era.


why suddenly people are seeking for happiness?

Isn’t it because of the want that has increased.

In short, it is desires.

Does it mean not to have desires?


You are free to have desires but when you are obsessed about it, you are driven away from happiness.

Because desires, thoughts, greed, or any thing outside your physical existence will never give you true happiness.

But it will surely give you temporary shots of happiness and majority humans have become an expert in it.


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What is the true meaning of happiness?

I always had this question in mind, that is, what is the true meaning of happiness?

Shouldn’t it be a kind of happiness that is not dependent on any tangible or intangible things?

That is, the true meaning of happiness is that kind of happiness which is not dependent on anything, wherein you are happy and you don’t have a reason for it.

And nothing can impact or even touch this happiness of yours.

In other words, you are just seated on one place and you are happy that you exist.

Just imagine how powerful it will be, wherein your existence itself is happiness for you.

And you experimentally feel it.

How to achieve true happiness?

Since now we have understood what is the True meaning of Happiness, it is very important to know how to achieve it.

Like I said in the start, we were always happy and that our true nature is happiness.

You do not need to seek for happiness.

You seek for happiness because you have a wrong belief that you are not happy. However, the truth is happiness is your true nature.

It is already there inside you.

Some clouds of thoughts have covered it and you are unable to see it.

You can learn this art of being in true happiness through my FREE course.

Why is it important to get connected to your True Happiness?

Everything you do in this world is because of happiness. Your wants, desires, etc is all because you feel that it will make you happy.

For the people who have achieved their desires may understand what I am telling here – it will never give you true happiness.

Emptiness inside you will always prevail.

Trust me! This is not such a good feeling to live with. Many have committed suicide unable to tolerate this feeling.

So it is better to learn from others mistake.

Does it mean not to acquire things for yourself?


It just means not to be dependent on those things to be happy. Be happy from inside and then acquire those things.

So even if you lose them, your happiness will still remain.

And do not worry, you don’t have to go anywhere to learn this. As per EasyGoGuide’s reputation we are offering this Life changing reincarnation course for FREE.

Do comment and let me know what do you think about this true happiness.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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