Happy Inner Independence Day

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Independence, a word that all creatures cherish but true Independence is only possible in Human beings. So Happy Inner Independence day to you.

Because this is the day you will keep your right foot forward in this direction.

I am sure reading this article, you will start to think of being truly independent from inside.

Like, I said before, human life is the only life whether you can actually attain True inner independence.

As animals are bound by their inner tendencies, they are the servant of their own instincts.

But as Humans we can choose and respond instead of react like animals do.

What is true Inner Independence?

True inner independence is a life with out being servant to your 5 senses.

Yes! You read it right, we all are servants to our 5 senses.

Happy Independence day

What are the 5 senses?

Five senses –
1. Sight
2. Sound
3. Smell
4. Taste
5. Touch

If you observe people, you will see that almost everyone takes action based on their 5 senses.

That is, you have surely heard people stating “I don’t feel like doing anything”, “I feel like eating kebabs”, etc.

They are all nothing but based on your senses.

Almost all the actions that we take are influenced by one or more of our 5 senses.

Then, how can we call ourselves independent?

Firstly, it is crucial to also understand why is it important to be independent.

For that, we need to frankly ask ourselves, what is the harm in living life satisfying our senses?

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What is the harm in living life satisfying our 5 senses?

And if I have to answer this in few words, then it would be : “It is a Big Trap!”.

Why do you think people suffer from depression, anxiety, feeling lifeless?

Yes! You guessed it right.

It is because of your 5 senses. That is, the more you satisfy your senses the more it demands.

“Let us understand this with numbers, that is a scale from 0-10, where 0 is least and 10 is the highest amount of satisfaction you feed to the senses.

At first, it starts with 0 where a child is happy most of the time, living connected to his cosmic source.

But gradually the number increases, starting with 1.

And then what happens is, the senses will start to demand for 2.

Now if you give it level 1 then it won’t feel satisfied and you will start getting a void kind of feeling.

Thus, you will feel compulsive to give it level 2 satisfaction and so on.”

Now you understand, why a person who used to be satisfied with 1 glass of beer gradually moves to more and more.

Because once you start getting that void feeling, you will feel worse.

And that is why people become repulsive to that feeling of void.

Trust me! It is the worst feeling ever.

So what happens next is, you will start getting involved in activities just to avoid this void feeling.

That is, every action will be based on this feeling.

And it is very common to hear people stating that they are bored and feel like going out on trips, boozing, etc.

Further, the biggest harm is you will never be able to work towards your goals.

Because there will always come situations in your life where you need to choose between ‘what you feel like doing‘ and ‘what you are supposed to do to succeed‘.

And here is what happens, because of the habit of pleasing the senses you will not have the strength to do what you are supposed to do.

In short, you will by default choose what you feel like doing. That is lying on couch, watching Netflix, sleeping, etc.

Then people complain that they are not able to focus on their goals! 😀

See what you considered to be normal came out to be the biggest trouble of our life.

So what is the solution?

Having Trouble with Life?

Love, Money, Relationship, Health, Depression, etc.

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Happy Inner Independence day!

Solution is very simple but not easy. You need to learn the art of being detached from your body’s senses. And live the life of harmony with your true self.

Frankly, it won’t happen that you will read this article and BOOM you will get transformed.

I will show you the path at zero cost, but you need to promise to religiously study and practice this art.

In-fact, I had designed a course and was actually selling it for an amount but later decided to give it for FREE so that everyone can take advantage of this course to bring change in their life.

So what I have done is, you can take the course and after finishing you can decide if you want to pay for it or not.

Isn’t it fair?

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t pay but make sure you practice and use the knowledge to your full advantage.

Check the Course

Do Share and comment because I would love to know your views in this subject.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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