Law of Attraction Techniques

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The pillar techniques that work perfectly for Law of Attraction is very simple and easy to implement. But you need to give time to practice this Law of Attraction Techniques.

Once you practice, it will become easy for you to manifest whatever you wish for.

Law of Attraction Techniques

Coming straight to the point, here are the 3 Law of Attraction techniques that help you implement your vision.

law of attraction techniques

1. Connect to You Cosmic Source:

Connect to Your Cosmic Source: Nobody will tell you this. It is very essential for you to connect to your cosmic source and be in the present moment.

What happens with this is that by natural you will be in the happiness feeling.

And it is one of the basic component necessary to implement the law of attraction to work in your favor or in other words to manifest what you wish for.

Further, to be in the happiness feeling people try a lot of things in the outside which in fact gives them happiness, but a temporary one.

And this is one of the main reasons why they are unable to manifest things they desire.

Firstly, be very clear that anything outside your body will give you only temporary happiness. And with this kind of happiness, manifestation will be a day dream.

So you need to find a permanent solution to connect to permanent happiness which will give signal to the universe to bring things to you.

And that permanent solution is to connect to your Cosmic source.

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So let’s move ahead with our next technique.

2. Visualization

VisualizationThis is a practice that works only if you have practiced and learnt the 1st step.

See, one thing is very prominent to understand that whatever you desire will manifest for sure.

But the question is when?

We definitely don’t want our desire to manifest when our desire dies. That is after too long.

So that is where these practices come into picture to make it possible at the earliest.

And for this step 1 is the core and step 2 is the building stone.

Visualization is to make your desire very clear to the universe. Further, you do not need to visualize every now and then.

That will become more like a doubt.

In other words, once we sow a seed we don’t remove it to check whether it is working or not.

We just water it with a belief that it’s working.

Likewise, we just visualize once and the connect to your cosmic source.

Connecting to your cosmic source is like watering the seed with belief.

That is why I highlight in most of my blogs the importance of connecting to your cosmic source.

And it is named the Secret Cosmic Button which acts like a button to connect.

Moreover, visualization has to be very precise as if you are experiencing it.

This is the subtle part, that is you need to experience what you desire ‘in the now’ while visualizing.

That is to make it very real, as if you are living it.

But remember, do it only once and after that it is all about the game of watering.

In other words connect to your cosmic source and be in the happy feeling.

And the more you are in the happy feeling, the early things will manifest.

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3. Be Consciously Aware:

Be Consciously AwareBefore we start with this let me make it crystal clear for you that, the 2nd step has to be practiced once and the 1st and 3rd step has to be continuously followed through out your life.

That is how you can live a highly evolved life where your desires are being manifested.

So to start with consciously being aware, it is very crucial because we unconsciously keep on desiring contradictory things.

And due to this we are unable to manifest our true desires.

That is at one point you desire to have a wonderful house and in another moment you think it is impossible to buy a house.

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Firstly let us educate ourselves that every thought is like a prayer and we need to be consciously aware of what we pray.

Further I know it is almost not possible to be aware of the tons and thousands of thought we get whole day.

And that is where the 1st step comes into play, where in you connect to your cosmic source and in this happy zone you will never get contradictory thoughts.

I am emphasizing very much on the 1st step is so that you understand the importance it has in the manifestation role.

With the 1st step followed correctly, 3rd step will come naturally to you.

So be aware of what you pray, universe says ‘so be it’ for every thought you bring out.

I have tried to keep it short and simple so that you don’t need to go anywhere else with confusion.

If you still have any doubts, you can comment and ask me.

Do follow all the 3 steps very thoroughly for 100% results.

If you wish to read more on different aspects of law of attraction, you can click here.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. 

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