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What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a very designated state of mind in which a human being is calm, relaxed, enthusiastic and is able to think, rationalize its contents. But if the same is imbalanced then it is defined as psychological disorder. 

Through out human history physical health is given way too importance and many different mediums have been discovered to keep it healthy. Considering this, even today majority of the population gives preference to the outer body which is just 10% of what contributes to our bright future.

And that is why we see such a boom in the cosmetic industry, being a trillion dollar industry today. Further, media has played a very important role in this.

Moreover, improvement in mental health can damage a lot of such industries, specially the pharmaceutical industry.

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That is why, mental health is one of the least promoted industry. And very few talk about prevention of ill mental health.

Importance of mental health:

As said above, mental health contributes to 90% of the bright future that you expect. And it is very important that we develop a good mental health.

Physical health is definitely important as well. But a good physical health with an ailing mental health becomes a curse. In other words, even good physical health is not possible with a defective mind.

Further, mind is loaded with so much of information that with time it depletes and majority of it becomes useless with a weak mind.

Moreover, the daily activities that we do or the automation that we have created through regular practice is because of the data stored in the mind.

Information on mental health

And you won’t believe that with a weak mind or mental health disabilities, even the daily tasks like brushing, bathing, eating can become a challenge. However, said so, these are the extreme cases or we can say rare mental disorders. Thus mental health awareness is very important.

Let us further understand this through an example:

We all have played the classic video games with the joysticks. And there was this game named Mario, which I personally used to love playing.

Imagine you are given the video game set and joystick is missing in the box.

How would you feel?

Am sure you would go crazy because you can see the game but cannot play it. And the same is with a healthy mind, if we have it we can play our game of life.

Stories of the mind:

Brain in itself is so powerful that you can reach to extremely superficial level of abilities. But only when we become the master of our mind.

Mind in itself, is nothing but an intangible collection of information to which we identify way too much. And it is a beauty in itself that how a mind slowly slips in between our thoughts and make us it’s servant.

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And the worst part is, we do not even realize it. Before we know how to take proper care of the mental health or tackle the mental heath issues, it is very important that we know how the mind functions.

Mind is such a powerful tool that it creates a web of illusion and we get caught in our own web. More than 90% of the human problems will be solved, let alone we work on proper well being of the mind.

With every scene that reaches us through our five senses(touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing), mind creates stories. So we need to update our mental health information.

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For instance, a student is sitting in a class and suddenly he smells pasta. Now, his mind starts to show him the illusion of how pasta looks, how it tastes, etc. And this becomes so real that saliva is produced just with thought of Pasta.

And this way, mind slips you away from the present moment.

Now for a lay man this would not seem like a bad thing. But to slip away from the moment is the root cause of all the health and mental issues that we face today.

In other words, this small events of slipping from the present is the beginning of the distraction that many face. Many of us feel that emptiness in life, depression, feel hopeless and to some, life seems purposeless.

To clarify, all these thoughts are the result of slipping away from the present moment.

The funny part is majority of the time the problems that people face is just an anticipation of the mind. But it is very difficult for that person to realize this in the said situation.

Further, Mind is so damn good at creating stories that it anticipates the future with its own set of information and make it look so real in visuals that we end up believing it.

And these information in the mind is gathered through different sources. For instance; personal and surrounding experience, different Media like TV, newspaper, social media and Gossips, etc.

Different types of Mental Illness:

  • Mood swings
  • anxiety disorders
  • Psychotic imbalance
  • Personality disorders
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Trauma related issues
  • Substance abuse effect
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Precautions to take for better mental health:

The one foremost thing that you should do is to stop following all the negative media. But you would argue saying that it is important to be up to date.

Let us analyze this together, what is the benefit of being up to date with all the negative information?

Hmm.. it might be beneficial if you are participating in a general knowledge quiz or to debate with friends or colleagues on a topic.

But is it beneficial for you to have a peaceful life. Think about it!

Further, some information is definitely important for you.

But before you read or watch anything, ask yourself what is the intention behind doing this. Is it because it is beneficial for you or is it just to please the mind.

Further, for many it is a way to relax mind from work. But instead of seeing all the crap news, it is better to watch some soothing contents that will help you groom and relax.

Isn’t it?

And most of all, never start your day with all the news content and other social media updates or stories.

Instead start with some spiritual sessions, you will get a lot of it online. Here is one such video from my end.

You can also start by reading some good books. And one book that I personally suggest is Ikigai.

Buy Ikigai Book
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Ways to exercise your mind:

Since we know the importance of mental health and well being. Here are 10 different ways to exercise your mind:

  1. Practice Compassion
  2. Show gratitude and make it a Habit
  3. Be in the moment
  4. Follow your Hobby
  5. Observe how mind functions
  6. Break the pattern
  7. Meditation
  8. Exercise
  9. Read book
  10. Avoid negative media information
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Continuation…Let us understand these in short:

1. Practice Compassion:

The autonomous life that we lead has to be slowed down. Slow down the pace and embrace with compassion every moment, everything that you see, touch, smell, etc.

Include compassion to be a part of your life. You will feel a revived energy and excitement to live life with this compassion.

2. Show gratitude:

Gratitude, in itself is enough to live a blissful life. Being grateful for things that you have is one of the secret to abundance.

With this said, your mind will feel that charm and charisma to live the life to its fullest.

3. Be in the moment:

The only real truth is ‘Now’. That is the present or gift. Yesterday and tomorrow is just an information in the mind.

And more you live in the mind, you have to pay the rent to it and you become it’s servant.

So in simple words, the more you live in the ‘Now’, the less you will pay to the mind and thus mind becomes your servant.

Hope these few words give you a gist of why it is important to be living in the moment. For further clarification you can read my article: Stop Worrying.

4: Follow your hobby:

Life becomes dull when work becomes what we don’t like. So either do what you enjoy or enjoy what you do.

Do what you Enjoy or Enjoy what you do.

In either case you can start with your hobby and switch on the engine of cheerfulness in your mind. With this, gradually other areas of life will see improvement.

Do comment and let me know what is your hobby and how you have started it.

5. Observe how mind functions:

It is very important to exercise and train your mind for a better mental health statistics. Some of the common traits mind has is the same with all of us.

For instance, whenever a tough situation comes while playing a game, mind takes it as a challenge for several attempts and then it gets bored and shuts the game. This is a very common scene that we get to see around.

Further, this is also the best opportunity to train your mind for the best mental health. And that is to accept the challenge and when tough times come, keep going till you succeed.

Once you succeed, this brings along a sense of contentment. And with this type of trained mind, there is a 99% chance of an individual succeeding in his/her life.

Because, the mind is trained to take challenges. And with every successful challenge, the mind gets more powerful.

So observe where your mind gives up and how it faces different situations.

One secret tip: Whenever mind gets a very tough challenge, try to break the challenge into small pieces and achieve it bit by bit.

Nothing can be a better exercise than this.

6. Break the pattern:

It is very essential that we analyse and break the different patterns that our mind has. For instance, let us go through the different patterns of the mind.
– Taking credit
– Procrastination
– Blast pattern
– Crib pattern
– Revenge

These are some of the patterns of the mind. You need to analyse the patterns in your mind and break it with an alternative. Realizing your pattern itself will break the pattern.

So it is very essential you go through this. And if you need more clarification on this topic you can contact me.

I try to provide all the information free so that you can reap the benefit and change your life. Your success story is my key to success.

7. Meditation:

How to be Happy

This is said and practiced by many mystics across many different regions and religions. One, never to be challenged, practice that is the very basic and the most powerful practice for your mental health.

Check out any of the best mental health articles and you will find some information about meditation. 

In simple words, close your eyes and sit upright. Then focus on your breathe. That is, how your body inhales and exhales. Do not force your breathe, let it be relaxed and normal.

Once you achieve that calm state of mind, observe how a thought arises from nowhere and how it dissolves in itself.

It will seem like a picture film being played frame by frame. When one frame comes, just say ‘let go’, and the next frame will arrive.

Also make sure, you do not get stuck with any frame, just say ‘let go’ and let the frame(thought) pass.

Further, this practice will teach you a hell lot of lessons about your mind than any book in the world ever can.

Do contact me if you have any trouble with this practice.

8. Exercise:

We all know and have heard about the connection between mental and physical health, which is very true to an extent.

One basic way to keep a good mental heath is through physical work out. Which does not always mean going to the gym and doing heavy work out.

That is, you can do yoga, running, jogging, zumba, etc. In other words, any movement or stretching exercise is good to go. This will have a good impact on your mental well being.

9. Reading books:

It is very powerful tool to train your mind and is also one of my personal strengths. Through science, we have got this knowledge that every being is made up of cells.

And any cell when not exercised for long becomes dead, same is with the brain. It is a collection of cells and when no practice or exercise of reading is done, the cells become gradually weak with time.

And what to read is also very important, am not talking about reading newspapers and feed your mind with all the crap. Instead, read autobiographies, self help books, etc.

One such book that I strongly suggest is Ikigai. Because it gives you the secret to live a long happy life. Further it provides you information on how to know your purpose of life.

So friends go ahead and start by reading this book. I have given the Amazon link below.


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10. Avoid negative media information:

I have already covered this in the beginning paragraphs. In short, be very clear and aware with what you are feeding the brain.

Negative content will store negative information in your mind and that is how mind will react when certain situation comes.

Hope this article has helped you, if you have any questions or if you want me to cover any other topic, then do comment and let me know.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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Jennifer Dsilva
Jennifer Dsilva
1 year ago

Very good content Anup. I did not know mental health contributes to so much happiness. Coz few days ago I used to overthink because of the negative information stored in my head. Words impacted me a lot, but after reading your articles, it feels good, I have started converting the negatives into positive, for e.g. if someone is saying something for me although it is negative, I feel positive thinking I am on someone’s mind, it means I am so important in their life, that they think about me all the time. It really feels good.
I am not a reader, but reading your articles feels good. So my main hobby is reading your articles and your blogs, apart from that I do zumba and yoga everyday.
Thank you for these articles, they are very helpful.
Keep writing.

To all the reader’s I would suggest you become a patron of Anup so that you don’t miss any of his article’s as I am one.
This will help him being us more information and write for us.

1 year ago

I agree with you Jennifer… God bless u for supporting the writer so much…you are always so understanding n supportive…. 🙏🙏

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