How to stop worrying about past mistakes?

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There is a famous saying Action once taken is taken, you cannot go in the past and reverse it.So how to stop worrying about past mistakes?

Like I said before, you cannot go in the past and redo your actions. However, there are always steps that can be taken in the present to reduce the impact or reverse the mistakes all together.


In this soil, we are the only creature who worry about the future. Though it is a free will.

Having said this, we are also the only creature that can visualize, plan and create things consciously in the far future.

A lot said, we have really made an enormous amount of complex theories, in our mind, about the past and future.

In simple words, once a person does a mistake, there is a certain kind of feeling that enters the body mind mechanism. And this feeling get attached to the persons mechanism.

Moreover, it is this feeling that makes a person to worry.

Let us get deep into the concept of worry!

The word worry will mean different to different people because you will look at worry from your perspective or your experience.

Further, it is very vital to understand that things and situations are supposed to happen. And that it is not in your control.

And note this down, there is no such thing called a perfect life.

Because the word perfect itself is imperfect.

Imperfect is the actual perfect thing and that is how your experience of life will be.

How to stop worrying about past mistakes?

how to stop worrying about past mistakes

So how to stop worrying about past mistakes?

Like I said before, there is no perfect living. All you need to do is perfect your perspective.

That is, there is not perfect life but there is a perfect way of looking towards life.

And the most sensible way to live is to plan you future but live moment to moment.

In other words, if you have done a so called mistake, instead of regretting, ask yourself “What is the 1st step that I can take to rectify this?”

With this, you will have two scenarios:

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Scenario 1: If the step to take is in your control then divide the steps in minute steps and take action accordingly.

For instance, if you dropped a glass filled with water, ask yourself the magical questionwhat is the 1st step that I can take to rectify this?.

Then, prepare minute steps(example):

1. If you are in someone else’s house – apologize for dropping the glass.
2. Start picking the pieces of glass carefully
3. Wipe the water
4. Buy a new glass and gift it to them with an apology.

If you train your mind with this said approach, you will never have to worry for anything.

Because you will always do a reality check with the magical question and rectify things in your control.

Scenario 2: Now, if the mistake falls in scenario 2, that is the steps to take is not in your control.

Just repent and pray, because there is no physical step that you can take.

But at-least you can repent, pray and give good vibes for the mistake to be rectified.

This vibes is very powerful and does wonders, if you really know how to use it.

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