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A lot of myths have been running around the term self realization. Like, the younger generation feel it is the job of the old, the mid aged persons feel that they have to first get lay off the responsibilities then they can think of self realization.

And the old age people feel, it’s too late to start with it.

Further, there have been many mystics through out history who have left a mark on the society by their self stabilized presence.

Like Buddha, Jesus, etc to name a few.

They have taught a lot of life lessons to follow which is, till today, helping tons of people. But there are several questions that we need to address before we proceed.

And they are mentioned in the table of contents.

What is self realization?

In simple words, it is nothing but realizing your true self. That is, to know the real you.

We all somehow theoretically know it but experiencing the true self is called self realization.

self realization is the best realization

It is known and experienced by a few. And that doesn’t mean it is very difficult to achieve.

If it is not that difficult, then why doesn’t all the people become self realized?

Let us understand this through an example: There is a billionaire who likes a common car and doesn’t feel the need to buy a Ferrari. Will he buy a Ferrari then?

Now that doesn’t mean he can’t buy it!

Same way, people don’t feel the need to pursue being self realized.

Unlike Ferrari, being self stabilized is supposed to be our primary goal in reality, but we don’t keep it so.

Because they don’t know the importance of being self realized.


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Self Realization synonym:

  • Self Fulfillment,
  • Self Discovery,
  • Self Exploration,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Self Actualization.

Self Actualization Synonym:

  • Self Realization,
  • Self Exploration,
  • Self Fulfillment,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Self Discovery.

Self Awareness synonym:

  • Self Understanding,
  • Self Information,
  • Self Mindfulness,
  • Self Observance.

Self Discovery synonym:

  • Self Analysis,
  • Soul Searching,
  • Self Research,
  • Self Questioning,
  • Self Examination.

Self Fulfillment synonym:

  • Self Exploration,
  • Self Discovery,
  • Self Actualization,
  • Self Realization,
  • Self Esteem.

Realize synonym:

  • Actualize, see, gain, recognize, clear, take in, pull in, agonize, substantiate, understand, bring in

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Importance of Self Realization:

Here we will discuss whether it is really necessary to be self realized and self actualized. But before that let me ask you some questions.

That is, what is your ambition in life?

Why do you want to achieve it?

Also, why do you want the things that you get from achieving it?

Finally at the end every answer will be Happiness. That is you want to be happy.

Why to struggle so much just to be happy when you can touch the true happiness by being self realized.

To clarify, being self realized doesn’t mean not to pursue your ambition.

That is, there will be a small difference in your journey towards ambition.

what is self realization in Yoga,

1. Pursuing your ambition without being self realized:

In this state of being you will have to struggle throughout the journey, which is also called the struggle path.

Wherein you will have to be purely dependent on the will power to achieve your goals.

And moreover, your happiness will be dependent on your ambition.

That is, if you achieve it you will feel happy else devastated.

Also, the happiness that you will receive from this will be very temporary. Like for a day or two or moreover for a month.

Now, come on we all know this from our practical life. For instance, remember the time you received a precious gift that you desperately wanted.

And now be very truthful, how long did your happiness survive after receiving that gift?

I won’t answer this because I know you got your answer.

Further, the biggest problem with this path is we end up being dependent on external things to trigger our happiness. Like alcohol, drugs, cigarette, etc.

For some, it can be Tea, snacks, cold drinks, watching Movie, etc.

And every small problems can deteriorate our happiness. Like fan not working, torn shoes, a small boring task, etc.

Everything looks big as if we are being cursed.

Aren’t we all living life like this?

You don’t have to answer to me. Be truthful to yourself because admitting the truth will show you a new path. And that is with self realization.

importance of self realization in points,

2. Pursuing your ambition by being self realized:

This is a wonderful path where you first educate and practice to be self-realized. And with this you taste the true happiness.

Because of which, now, you do not have to be dependent on the external source for happiness.

In other words you are connected to the real source of happiness, that is there inside you.

Now some may have this question, if we are already happy then why will we work for our ambition or anything materialistic for that matter?

Let me clarify this with some simplicity.

For instance, even though you are connected to the source of happiness, you still have a body.

And it will demand for fuel right?

That is food, water, etc. So you will have to work for it. Isn’t it?

But this time it will be a bit different than before.

That is you will embrace every moment of your journey with happiness. And the journey would feel so smooth that every effort will become like a cake walk.

Moreover, you are already working for your ambition. Now that you are connected to the source, you will be naturally present in the Moment.

That is, by default you will start to give 100% in every action you take. In other words, every action will lead you to success.

In this state, Success will start to move towards you.

There is a saying,

With self-realization you do not even have to lift a finger, and success will flow to you.

This means, every effort that you put will seem so effortless to you that the output will always be a success.

Further, by being self- realized, you will naturally be aligned to the law of Attraction and this will help you to manifest success, money, relationship, abundance, etc.

(To understand more you can read my Blogs in Law of Attraction category.)

Thus it is very important that Self-realization should be our primary goal.

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What are the its benefits?

Benefits of Self Realization: Every part of self-realization is a benefit. That is from morning routine to bed, every moment will keep you happy, come what may.

Let us understand why is self realization important through an example.

For instance, we are very closed minded when we do our morning routine like brushing, bath, etc.

Now with this, even these activities will look fresh and enlightening.

Further, your persona will become flexible and you will be open to suggestions and new ideas.

steps to self realization

And the creativity quotient will automatically be at its peak due to which whatever you do will end up being the best.

Moreover, any task or work you do will naturally push to success because of your happiness in every slice of work.

That is, nature will not allow you to be stagnant, your presence itself will push you to the peak of success in any field you choose.

Since people do not understand the importance of being self stabilized, they think of the material tasks first. That is their job, family, relationships, loan, etc.

Further, let us understand this through an analogy. Example: Alex have a defective calculator. In the sense when you type 1 plus 1 it shows 3.

Now, Andrew comes and tells him that he needs to first repair the calculator and then work with it.

But he is like, come on Andrew I don’t have time for all this. I have to do a lot of complex equations, so please don’t disturb.

Now, you understand how ignorant Alex is here.

Same way our mind and body is defective and we need to repair it before we do all the complex things.

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How to achieve self realization?

Since now we understand the importance and benefits of being self realized. We will go through the subject on how to achieve it and self realization techniques.

That is the path to self realization.

Firstly, unlike any other subject, you can’t learn this in theory. That is you have to take the responsibility to learn.

In other words, you have to religiously take time to contemplate it yourself. I will show you the path but you have walk it yourself.

That is, first of all, you need to understand how your mind works.

For that you need to find a silent place to sit upright. Make sure you are comfortable in your seat as you need to be there for quite sometime.

Then close your eyes and follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Start to observe how your mind functions.
Step 2: understand the different habits of the mind.
Step 3: Meditate with the question ‘Who am I?’ and wait to look for yourself in your body.

I have not covered the complete ways to achieve it, which I will personally help you for free.

Like I said before, this has to be an experiential understanding. So first you clear these stages then we can discuss on further course of action to be taken.

Always remember:

‘Understanding is the key.’

You need to take time to exercise the steps mentioned here.

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Also do comment and let me know how you have started your self-realization journey.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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