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Goals have been a very over exaggerated phenomena where people tend to make it look very complex. One basic part of our life is to set goals.

That is, don’t make it look too complicated.

Fundamentals of direction can only be decided by a goal which has to be the primary objective.

Through out history we have seen a lot of examples of people achieving extra ordinary things and goal setting has played a major role in that. Further, there are a lot of goal setting tips available online, but the information given here is sacred.

So Read the entire article with patience, and if any queries you can comment or join our Forum and create Topics of your concern, where we can discuss on these topics in detail.

The dictionary meaning of goal is an object of a person’s ambition or effort. In other words an aim or a desired result.

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In simple words, anything that you decide to do is a goal.

Let us understand this in a simple way. For instance, suppose you want to buy groceries.

So, in here, buying groceries is your goal.

Now there are different ways to achieve this goal. That is, never be disheartened when you do not achieve your goal because there are different ways to achieve it.

Let us get back to the example, now to buy groceries, you have to first get out of your apartment and decide how to reach the grocery store.

If you have a car, you are gonna use it. Further, obstacles will always be there.

Suppose your car is broke down or it got a flat tire. Then, if buying grocery is really that important, you will take some other public mode of transport. Isn’t it?

Note: I mentioned in the above statement that ‘if buying grocery is really important or needed’, otherwise you would end up changing your goal to repair your car and forget about your primary goal of buying the grocery.

Isn’t this what we do in real life with our goals?

This analogy gives you a clear picture on why people fail.

goals examples

Goals are a basic part of our life, without which nothing can be done or achieved.

Like I mentioned before, we have made it look very complicated.

But in reality it is just a simple task that we already do day in and day out. As mentioned in the above scenario of buying groceries.

Further, everyday we set up goals and are successful in achieving it most of the times. If we look at its simplicity we will understand how to set goals and achieve it.

For instance, our daily routine are also goals which we successfully achieve most of the times. Like, brushing, bathing, eating breakfast, etc.

examples of goals, smart goals examples for work

When it comes to daily chores we unknowingly set goals but when it comes to work or finances we get confused or we end up not setting goals.

Firstly, we should learn to keep things simple. And by observing the simple daily tasks of life you can determine the way to set goals.

Further if we have dig deep there is a format for goal setting and that is called ‘SMART’.

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time bound

To clarify, your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.

Let us understand this through a financial goal example of Tom and Jack.

Tom: My goal is to have millions of dollar in my account.

Jack: My goal is to have 10 million dollars by next year before 12th December.

In the above examples, it is clear that Tom has a very day dreamy kind of goal because it doesn’t fit the SMART format. However Jack has a more precise one because he has given himself enough time to achieve the goal which means it is attainable and relevant.

Further it is also measurable, specific and time bound.

Like Jack we have to set goals according to the SMART format.

Different ways to set Goals:

  1. Goals based on results or output.
  2. Goals based on actions or input.

1. Goals based on results or output:

This is where we decide the end result as our goal. For instance; Money, fame, recognition, etc.

This is a very foolish way of goal setting because you will gradually get discouraged if you do not get the desired results.

And even if you get the desired results you will crave for more and become greedy. That is you will never be happy and will always struggle.

Because, you had a goal in the future and you have got the habit of looking for something in the future.

Due to this type of goal, you end up doing things you don’t like or can’t bare even for a minute.

For example: You desire to have a wonderful physique and you end up taking gym sessions which you don’t have interest in. Due to no interest, you end up losing your focus and quit.

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2. Goals based on actions or input:

This is where we decide our tasks to be the goal. That is we enjoy doing something.

And we are not doing it for money or fame or anything. In simple words, we do it just because we love doing it.

This is the most intelligent way of living.

Else what is life all about? At the end we are not going to take anything with us.

So why not do something that we love doing. Moreover, if we get paid for what we love doing, is like cherry on the cake.

Isn’t it?

This is what I say effortless effort. Wherein you are putting your efforts but it is all effortless for you.

Because you love doing it.

For example: You have a goal to achieve a lean physique and instead of going to gym you join a sports club. That is you do what you love to do.

It may be playing soccer, running, calisthenics, etc.

goal setting examples, business goals examples

Goal setting is one think and to be consistent on your focus on the goal is a completely different aspect.

And this is the reason that I request people to give yourself sometime before setting any goal.

Because, the efforts that you put in to achieve your goal should be effortless. That is, if you have to put too much effort in doing things then you will gradually lose your focus in doing it.

Firstly, when do we have to put too much effort? That is to say, if we are playing the games we love, do we have to put efforts?

But still we do, right? And those efforts are so effortless that you won’t feel like you are putting any efforts.

Suppose if you are spending time with your loved ones, do you have to put your effort in it?

Time just flies by, right!

Thus I insist to have a goal based on actions or input, which is already covered above in Different ways to set goals.

This way you will have a tremendous focus.

Further, divide your goals into small parts. In short, it should be so small that you won’t even feel like you are doing anything.

For example: if doing 100 push-ups is your goal and you can easily do 5 by now. Then instead of doing 6, do only 4.

There is a psychology behind this. When we do 4 push-ups our mind craves for more because it knows it could have done more. So the next day your mind will provoke you to do push ups.

Otherwise, if we do more then the next day your mind won’t feel like doing work out and it end up losing interest.

This is the very secret behind my blogging site.

Never ever satisfy your mind.

That is always do opposite of what mind says.

To know more about how to divide goals into smaller tasks, I suggest to read the book named Kaizen.

I strongly recommend you to read this book. This book will give you a clear picture on how to divide your goals into small tasks to easily achieve it.

Invest your time in reading this book as it is worth every penny.  

For your convenience, you can click the image and check for more info in Amazon.

When you are completely focused on your task at hand, achieving future goals will be an easy thing to do. This is the Best way if you do not know how to achieve a goal successfully.

That is, whenever you set a goal always follow the instructions given above in How to focus on goals.

Further, this has been generalized everywhere, by stating to divide goals into three parts. That is, types of goal setting: 

  1. Short term goals
  2. Mid term goals
  3. Long term goals

But still many of us find it difficult to achieve goals and the main reason is that the goals you have set are based on results or output.

Also do follow the articles given in our Law of Attraction category to get a better perspective on how to achieve goals.


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Set goals based on actions or input. That is to do what you love doing. And always divide your goals into very small parts.

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Jennifer Dsilva
Jennifer Dsilva
4 years ago

Very neatly done. Good to know information. Examples will help people to set right goals. 👌👌👌

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website hosting companies
3 years ago

Hello there! This blog post could not be written much better!
Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this article to him.
Pretty sure he will have a very good read. Many thanks
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