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Solve problems
Anup Chandran

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solve problems

Case Study: I was working with a sales firm wherein I was struggling to do sales. But, it was not that I was not giving my 100%.

In short, I was not getting the desired results.

Frustration was killing me, with all the struggles and pain that concurred my mind.

That was the time when I started seeking for answers.

However, becoming a seeker was not easy as on one side I was struggling with my daily needs and relationship issues, and on the other side I was looking for answers to why I was struggling so much.

This spiritual quest led me to learn different spiritual methods and practices.

But, still the journey was not easy as it had been 7 years since I was struggling.

I hardly have words to express how tough it was back then.

Then the Time came! Through all the knowledge combined with my inner experience of 7 years, I discovered about the secret Cosmic button.

And it is there present inside all of us!

It is so simple that I just have to tap the button and keep it pressed. That is like a button for happiness.

Further I realized this was the missing link to why the law of attraction was not working for me.

Now, with this discovery everything around changed like a flash. And most of all, the way I felt, as if I was stabilized in happiness.

And when I drift away from my happiness, all I had to do was press the Secret Cosmic Button and get stabilized back in happiness.

The same guy who was struggling with sales, suddenly became super cool at sales.

Relationships magically improved and it became strong with time.

That is, I am able to feel a core connection with my people.

I could have never imagined life to be functioning so simple and smooth.

All I have to say now is Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Since this knowledge changed my Life, I want to share this with You!

And that is how this knowledge was designed and structured to help you make all this happen in just 4 weeks.


The Secret Cosmic Button can solve all the problems that you face.

Problems: Money, Relationship, Health, Love, Career, etc.


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This is a secret one tap practical solution which can be used in different aspects of your life. The knowledge given here has been used by many to Transform their lives.

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Every machine comes with a user manual but when it comes to Human mind and body which is the most complex mechanism, there is no User manual.

This is the user manual or you can say the most superficial way of living where you not only solve your life’s problems but also help others solve their problems.

You will also understand the true reason for your existence and the purpose of this life.

Yes! This is a course that has answers to all the questions you have.

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