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Worrying at times is essential when there is a real threat, because that helps to release the hormones which makes the body super active. And due to this, body is prepared to fight the threat. But many a times Worrying is not necessary at all, so today we will discuss on how to stop worrying and start living.

how to worry less | Anxiety

In the above statement we mentioned about real threat, but in today’s generation 90% of the times it is fictional threat that we dwell on. That is, the mind assumes and makes picture of the threat, which 90% of the times doesn’t come true. 

And more often we worry about things that we can’t control.

Stop Worrying – Understanding of ‘worry’:

Let us first understand worry through an analogy.

This analogy is of a creature living in a pent house. This creature requires some or the other information all the time so as to party and enjoy.

That is, it always desires to get high with information and mostly negative information.

So it goes around the pent house looking for food and then finally to the terrace to look for information(food).

In this analogy, the creature is ‘thoughts’ and pent house depicts our ‘human body’. And the terrace is our ‘mind’.

This creature throws a party when it reaches the terrace and understands that the pent house is going to read a newspaper. And with all the negative information that news paper has, it knows that it is going to get a lot of food. Haha.

Isn’t this is how we live today?

Gathering information? We cannot sit alone with our-self even for a minute. That is to say meditation is completely out of talk.

So we give food to the brain in some or the other way. And we do this by reading newspapers, watching TV, etc.

And because of this, the person worries what if something bad happens to him, what if…

Beware of ‘What if’ thoughts

That is to say, mind gets stuck with the what if questions. And isn’t this ‘what if’ that we call worry? So how to stop worrying about the future? Before this let us understand our mind.

Addictions of the mind:

Further, due to this habit of feeding the thoughts, mind gets so addicted to negative or useless information. That it has to do something for food.

In other words, mind cannot sit idle. So now this habit is set in default mode.

That is, by default our body starts to read newspapers, watch TV, etc. Mainly looking for negative information.

Because of this addiction, mind starts to create a web of illusionary threat in every opportunity it gets. 

anxiety and depression

For instance, when a child goes out and is not back on time, mother starts to worry.

And, many would say, this is normal. However, what is the basis of this worry? If we understand this then we will understand that, it was not necessary to worry in a lot of situations like this. This is better explained in my other blog: How to stop worrying?

Do read the above mentioned blog for a deeper understanding to stop worrying and if you have any doubts in this regard then you can always contact me or comment below. 

In the above situation, mother’s mind is creating an illusion of ‘what if’ questions based on the information fed to the mind in the due course of years.

Moreover, we never questioned these information, Whether it is true or not!

How to stop worrying about everything?

Why do I worry so much about the future


Now since we have understood the above analogy, we have to stop feeding the above mentioned creature. Because in the beginning stages, this creature won’t harm you. And it might look like a normal thing.

But with time and continued process of feeding, this creature becomes strong and starts to call it’s friends for party.

There friends are depression, anxiety attacks, regret, etc.

Let us understand how to stop worrying through these 5 tips.

Tip 1: Stop feeding the creature.

With this said, you have the habit of watching TV or reading newspapers. Instead of completely stopping this habit, replace it with another habit.

Check out some spiritual videos, funny videos, etc.  

Rather than watching all the negative information, start to check out some spiritual guiding videos or may be some funny videos. One such video I suggest is given here.

Trust me, this will bring a big change in the way you think.

And with regards to reading, start reading biographies, self help books for that matter. One Book that I suggest whole-heartedly is Ikigai.

This is one book of knowledge that has actually changed my life.

The practices given in the book is the reason why people have found their reason for getting up from bed in enthusiasm.

This is the secret of Japan’s centenarians and the Long Life expectancy.

So Don’t miss this book.

And do let me know if you have found your Ikigai(The reason to get out of bed everyday).

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Tip 2: Slower the pace, better the base.

We have been so auto-tuned that our life is running in a complete auto pilot mode. The normal daily things we do is so much an automatic process that we tend to lose the opportunity to fine tune our mind and body.

To clarify, Slow the pace with which you do your daily tasks and be so aware, as if you are doing it for the first time. For instance, start this practice with your morning routine of brushing, bathing, etc.

Slow the pace of these activities and just observe how your mind and body works together.

Be Aware of Every Activity Your mind and body does.

This will give a complete new freshness to your life.

Do comment and let me know how you felt with this experiment. And Do share your experiences

Before we proceed with the remaining 3 tips, If you like my blogs, please do support my work on by becoming a Patron. You can do so by donating any amount you wish by clicking on the below button. It is your support that helps me make these contents.

Tip 3: Take medical help

If you are already in the extreme stage of Chronic worrying, where the creatures have called it’s friends then you need to take medical help. Apart from practicing the tips given here.

Medical experts will help you calm down with the specific dosages required. And the tips here will help you to boost the treatment to get soon faster. 

How to stop worrying about health

Tip 4: Look at the extreme

This is one tip that personally helped me to overcome a lot of situations. As per this, you need to look at the extreme consequence of your worry. And then, accept it by stating that you are comfortable with it.

Accepting the consequence will bring you peace and steadiness. Further this will help you to be calm which will indeed give you the strength to tackle the threat, if any.

In some situations, when this doesn’t work you can use the tip 5.

Tip 5: Use the power of probability.

This is one way of looking at things. For instance, in any given time when there is a worrying situation, look at the probability of the events to actually happen in reality.

Let’s take the above mentioned example of a mother worrying about her child. In such scenario, a mother can check the probability of the bad things to happen. It might be 1 in a million probability that the worrying event can happen. So with this one can look at the positive side, that there is a very little chance of something bad to happen. With this said, the mother can relax and thank God.

Which of the above mentioned tips are you going to follow? Do comment and let me know.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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