Thinking, and not living the moment!

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As we all know thinking is a very vital part of our life. And a rational thinking definitely gives a better perspective of things. But, the same is hampered when overthinking comes into picture.

In addition, the only concern with the habit of thinking is, we do not know where to draw a line.

As in, we do not know when to think and when not to. Therefore many of us end up overthinking.

For instance, when we face a minute moment of silence in our lives, many of us do not know how to face that moment. So, we end up having a cigarette, or watching some videos, etc.

In other words, we get paranoid with that moment of silence. There is always a way of living.

And unfortunately, the correct way is never taught in any schools. We are just trained to mug things, so that one day we can be a good servant and earn.

It is a Harsh truth! I know…

The reality of how to face every slice of a moment is never taught. It is not that they are wrong in not teaching us so, because even they do not know what to do in such moments.

Thus, we end up cultivating Boredom. Boredom is better explained in the article: Boredom…The Real Danger?

As said, when we get this time of silence, we think because we do not know what else to do. We think about our past, future, etc.

Moreover, we believe that this is the correct way of living.

That is why there is this saying: An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

So, if not to think then what is the other way around?

The answer to this is ‘Observation through Acceptance’ which is explained beautifully in the article: why is Acceptance important in Life?


What is it that we need to learn to stop overthinking?

We need to practice ‘Living’ in every slice of the moment. Because that is what life is all about.

Let us say, your age is 20 or 30 or 40, how long will you work?

What after that?

For example, let us understand this through a question, What will we be doing after 20 years.

Consider, you have millions of dollars and you are 80 years old. What will you do?

And this is the beauty of life. The beginning and the end, is only about living. Breathing every moment of life.

In other words, you can either think or live in a moment. You can’t do both.

When you think, you are killing the moment and when you live in the moment, you are embracing the present.

That is to say, we all crave for Happiness, which is already there inside all of us. We don’t have to do anything to be happy. So let’s Start the practice of Acceptance, that is nicely mentioned in the article: The power of Acceptance.

And, start to live every moment. Because, at the end, you are gonna end up doing that. Then, why not now?

Now the question is,

If I stop thinking, then how will I grow?

Firstly, what is growth in this context?

Lets us get to a subtle answer to this.

Growth is the evolution of ‘who we are now’ to ‘who we want to become’. Isn’t it?

Always remember, the best of the best ideas and inventions came in a natural way.

In other words, it is scientifically proven that brain doesn’t have the potential to generate ideas. Ideas just occur to a brain and the mind works on that idea.

This is the nature’s way of evolution. Growth is happening all around us in a consistent natural way. We just need to align in harmony with the nature.

To sum it up, if we start the practice of embracing the moment, we will naturally be in harmony with the nature. And, growth will become a natural process. Let it be financial or social or psychological growth, etc.

Things will start coming to you naturally.

It is resistance or overthinking that stops the natural flow, and that is why many people struggle to make a mark.

And, how to practice embracing the moment or to stop overthinking is very neatly explained in the blog: The power of Acceptance

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3 years ago

This article made me realize that,Happiness is achieved by living the moment instead of thinking or overthinking about it…it’s about feeling the gratitude for the moment toward life….therby njoying that moment to the fullest…well said Anup


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