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Time is one of the most precious things that we have, irrespective of whether we consider this to be true or not. It inculcates the secret of True simplicity and Happiness. So it is very important to have Time Management skill.

We all have a time set for life and when the time comes we will have to leave our body and all the things attached to it.

So it is very essential that we value our time, as it is a very limited resource that we possess.

7 proven ways for better Time Management:

  1. Be Mindful
  2. Take break in every 1 hour
  3. Schedule your day in advance
  4. Stick to your schedule
  5. Ignore the distractions
  6. Start your day with peace
  7. Avoid Multitasking
time management strategies

Let us understand the Time Management Techniques in detail. These skills can be developed and used by all, including school students, college students, business men, office goers, etc.

1. Be Mindful:

Being mindful helps you to give 100% in what you do. Because of which you do not have to re-do things in most cases.

Thus helping you to be efficient in utilizing time.

Further, due to this habit you will be less exhausted and would still have energy to go through the rest of the day’s schedule.

To know more on being mindful, you can read my blog: Mindfulness.


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2. Take Break every one hour:

This is very important, yet a very neglected thing.

That is, you will only realize its true potential when you start this practice.

So here is how it works,

Set an alarm for every hour when the hour and minutes is the same. For instance, 01:01pm, 02:02pm, 03:03pm, likewise.

And when the alarm rings, take a break of 1 minute, wherein you just need to close your eyes and contemplate what all you did in the last 1 hour.

importance of time management in the workplace,

Also, check what all things you could have done better.

Further, make a promise that you will try and improve it in the next 1 hour, then open your eyes and set the alarm for the next hour.

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3. Schedule your day in advance:

It is very important to be prepared for things in advance as being prepared will make things simpler for you.

And you will have a clear vision of what to do.

Making things simpler is the wise way of living.

And this can be done only if you schedule your day in advance.

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4. Stick to your schedule:

At times, we get very excited to start something new and we start to schedule things.

But gradually we lose the interest and flow away with distractions due to which we end up living like before.

So it is very important to stick to your schedule.

And this can be done by reminding yourself frequently on why you started these new habits of scheduling things in the first place.

Further, every hour alarm that we discussed in point no 2 will play a major role to assist with this.

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5. Ignore the Distractions:

It is very easy to get distracted today, due to such a powerful tool that we possess in our hand called the mobile.

I would recommend you to turn off the mobile or activate DND(do not disturb) so that no notifications will break your focus.

Firstly, always remember that everything is in your control and no one else is gonna help you do your work.

So it is your responsibility to take some preventive measures to avoid distractions.

6. Start your day with peace:

To utilize time management, it is very important that we have a healthy mind and body.

Because, if you need to focus on your tasks, you should have a supportive body and mind.

Without which you won’t be able to give your 100%.

And the best way to attain that health is by starting your day with peace.

Further, mindfulness is the way through which you can attain this.

I have a complete guide on Mindfulness, which you can read for free.

advantages of time management

7. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is something that has been commercially marketed to be the best thing.

But this make things clustered in our brain.

You can never do 2 things at a time by giving your 100%.

So it it better to do 1 thing at a time by giving your complete and then hustling to the next task.

Time Management Definition

Time Management skills definition: Time Management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively.

In other words, to schedule your days so that you can simplify(be clear) your vision on the things or priorities you need to take care of.

Importance of Time Management:

Time has never stopped for any one nor it will ever stop. Either you flow with it or you stop, but time will keep flowing.

Firstly, we give a lot of importance to money which we can earn anytime. But we give less or no importance to time which is actually very limited.

You can never get your yesterday back.

Managing your time is one of the very basic necessities that you require to succeed in life.

Be it financial success or personal success or any other.

Further, due to time management you will get more time to spend for the things you love to do.

Because of which you will be more energetic as you won’t spend time confused with the pending tasks.

Let us see the benefits of time management.

Advantages of Time Management:

  1. You will get more spare time
  2. A lot of energy will be saved
  3. Goal achievement
  4. Relaxed mind
  5. Success in all 5 segments: Financial, social, physical, psychological and spiritual

Time Management Examples:

  • Get enough rest
  • Waking up at the same time everyday
  • Prioritize work
  • Creating a to-do lists
  • Include exercise for the mind and body.
  • Take proper meal breaks
  • Stick to the schedule
time management skills examples

Top 5 Best Books on Time Management

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Effective time management is the ability to perform quality tasks in less time. Quality tasks(Being productive) is the main priority here. 

The 4 D’s of Time Management are,

  • Do – Priority tasks
  • Delete – Avoid these tasks
  • Defer – Delay the task
  • Delegate – assign it to someone else

Yes! It is one of the basic skills that you need to develop if you want success in anything you choose.

Time is a very limited resource that we all have got and is a common platform on which we can compete for Success. Because we all have got same 24 hours a day.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

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