The language of the Universe!

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The Language of the Universe: In today’s world we all understand the importance of effective communication. And we all are improving our skills to make a mark in this competitive world.

However this rat race has made things more complicated, which does not just stop with effective communication.

The communication that we understand is for us to express our-self with our fellow human beings. But you might not know that there is a very subtle language which only a few mystics have learnt and that is to communicate with the Universe.

Further it is believed that mathematics is the language of nature, which is not true.

I have revealed a lot of an ancient secrets here in this blog, so keep reading till the end to know how powerful this language is and how you can use this language to achieve success.

  • What is Language of the Universe?
  • Importance of learning this language.
  • How to learn this language and communicate with the Universe?

What is language of the Universe?

It is a language that one can learn to communicate with the nature. Many would be awestruck reading these words.

But this has been a secret and still is a secret, which is being revealed here. 

Revelation: Everything around you, communicates with each other.

That means, it tries to communicate even with us. 

But since we do not know the language, we tend to miss out on the message that universe gives.

Everything is brought to us in a silver coated wrap. We just need to remove the wrap and decode the message.

Further, anything that strikes your eye or your ear, nose, touch, taste; has a message in it. And one of the deep drained secret is, 

language of the universe the alchemist

Not even a single scene comes in front of us without a message in it.

Have you ever wondered why some incident occurred in your life when you did not deserve it?

Our intellect is so short sighted and full of dust that it will take numerous births to decode this information.

And it is because, intellect has only a small amount of information that we have already fed through out our lifetime, so it cannot bring out new perspective that is unknown to it.

For instance, if someone tells you something in french and you do not know the language then would you be able to understand anything?

No, right!

The same way when things go wrong or something unexpected happens, we just use our same intellect to resolve it, without knowing the language.

Let us further understand why is it important to learn this language of the Universe.

Importance of learning this language:

This language, like any other language, can be learnt easily. But only with consistent practice and patience.

And before we proceed to learn it, we should have a clear conscience on why is it important to learn this language. With this said, this language can completely change your perspective of this world around you.

Further this will help you attain that state of self-realization, which has been a very under rated subject to study in this world.

language of the world the alchemist quotes
Benefits of Learning the language of Universe.

Imagine if you get the power to be always happy and manifest whatever you want with complete ease. Moreover, your complete life will be surrounded by success in every segments.

And you never ever have to struggle for anything in life. This harmony with life is what we call the state of self-realization.

In short, all this can come true by learning this ancient language of the Universe. It is that powerful!

And with this knowledge comes the real power.

The power with which every situation will run smooth for you. Whatever is required in any given situation will smoothly flow to you.

And you will happen to see miracles all around.

So would you like to learn such a powerful language with which you can easily achieve success in every areas of life, that is physical, psychological, social, financial and spiritual?


If yes, then you have to follow all the instructions given here word by word.

How to learn this language and communicate wit the Universe?

With a certain level of understanding you can learn how to speak the language of the universe. In this context, the understanding is NOT pointed towards intellectual understanding, but experiential understanding.

Experiential Understanding is the key.

That is to say, you might have tons of knowledge but without experiencing the gist of the nature, you won’t be able to learn this language.

Further, the more knowledgeable the mind is the lesser is the chance of you learning this language because you need to evacuate your mind to make space for a fresher perspective.

In short, the first step towards learning this language is to unlearn what you already know. And to unlearn is one of the most challenging task to achieve.

Experiential Understanding, how can mathematics explain the universe

First step: Unlearn what you already know.

Because, the logical mind rejects whatever it perceives to be contradicting the information stored in it. And this language is a complete contradiction of what you already know.

So, the first step is to unlearn.

And there are certain rules on how to do this unlearning:
1. Do not reject any new ideas that come to you.
2. Do not judge or jump to conclusion just by reading the cover of the book.
3. If your mind does not understand something, keep it in parking, gradually you will get the gist of things.

Once you are mentally prepared by embracing these rules, you can start with the practice.

After this, we will start with the first exercise. And that is to search ‘who are you’ and ‘where exactly are you in your body’.

Who are you?

Where exactly are you in the body?

Further, It is not easy but it is very simple.

All you need is a sincere practice.

Like I said before, this language can only be learnt with experiential understanding. So, just  intellectual knowing of ‘who you are’ and ‘where you are in the body’ won’t work.

That is, you will have to actually close your eyes and look inside yourself.

Like I mentioned before, this is the first step towards learning the language.

And once you clear this stage, contact me and I will show you the further path.

It is my humble request to please be very sincere with these practices as my only motive is you to be benefited with this understanding.


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Any queries, feel free to contact me.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.


No! A great proportion of details about the Universe can be understood with Mathematics. But it is not the language of the Universe. However it is subject with which great secrets can be revealed.

Love and Harmony!

With Love you can connect to God(Universe) and with Harmony you can decode the messages.

Galileo Galilei!

He stated “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the Universe.”

God is one.

Different creeds of people have given different names. Like Jesus, Jehua, Allah, Buddha, etc. 

Understand this, giving names is for us(humans) to differentiate things and beings. That is the job of our mind.

Otherwise, let alone humans, there is no such thing called as a name.

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3 years ago

Nature is the most beautiful thing n universe is mysterious….law of attraction attracts what you think in your wind…thanks Anup for sharing the insight…Also universe is not bias … universe brings a matter of event in place with the help of our thoughts… Law of the universe or language is not based on human beings emotions…such as a promise to someone….it’s just an emotion…which changes with circumstances… universe language is more about the law of attraction towards the thoughts…that’s wat I understand. .Thanks happy to help….

3 years ago

To the readers…. Honestly all these are not easy to understand or implement…but I have started taking baby steps to understand & implement the laws.. Which is helping me to achieve peace & happiness in my life …Thanks Anup…. U always wanted to help people & I am proud that you are doing it with so much dedication… keep writing …☺️🙏

Jennifer Dsilva
Jennifer Dsilva
3 years ago

I agree Anup, you are best writer, you help a lot of people and I am really glad that your articles are helping people in so many ways. I love your articles and as I already told you before, my first hobby is reading your articles. So keep writing..

To all the readers, do read the articles peacefully which will help u take the learnings and benefit you in your life. Also please subscribe so that you don’t miss any article from Anup. You can become a Patron too.. Which will help him bring more content to u..

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