Why law of attraction fails?

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I understand the pain of trying different methods and still unable to manifest what we want. Have you ever thought why law of attraction fails?

Law of attraction has been very much commercialized and made it work for the people who are promoting it.

But when it comes to end users, that is us, we are left with nothing but day dreams.

So this article is written to help you understand what went wrong and how we can rectify it.

Further, I am sure you have tried all the methods including visualization, affirmation, mirror method, etc. But still are struggling to get results.

Why Law of Attraction Fails?

Why law of attraction fails? : While doing survey I realized that almost every one of them is doing the first 2 steps correct that is asking and believing.

For people who don’t know about this, well law of attraction can be applied for manifesting things, situations by following 3 simple steps. And they are:

1. Ask
2. Believe
3. Receive

And like I said, people understand the 1st 2 steps and they are implementing it the right way by keeping accurate measurable goals.

But the main missing link is the 3rd step where people’s mind flutter.

That is, the mind keeps checking whether it is being manifested.

It uses visualization and affirmation techniques but the impact of the happy feeling is for sometime, then back to the feeling of doubt.

Wherein, I am sure you all have read and understood that you need to be consistently in the happy feeling all the time for your desire to manifest.

In other words, Desire manifestation has a direct link to being happy. The more time you spend in the happy zone the fast things will manifest.

This is the missing link.

Fake Advertising of Law of attraction

Advertisers are just luring people with overnight manifestation of money just to sell their products or for some other benefits.

Be very clear, it doesn’t work that way.

That is, things take time to manifest in the physical plane and it is directly proportional to the happiness frequency that you are in.

In simple words, the moments you are in happiness frequency the ‘desire to be manifested’ is coming towards you. And the moment you get distracted from the frequency the manifestation will start to move away from you.

These subtle movements happen in the invisible plane, thus you are unable to understand the importance of being happy.

Further, you do not need to acknowledge what you want every now and then.

Once a command is given to the universe, it will manifest unless you don’t cross command with something else.

So once you asked and believed, you do not have to use the thoughts to give it energy.

That is, just be connected to the happiness frequency, that we call the Secret Cosmic Button.

After some time or some days you will suddenly get a thought, it will be more like an inspired action that you will take.

And things will slowly start to manifest.

This is where most of the people go wrong with their doubtful thoughts to check whether things are working.

Further, people also start doing some or the other hard work to make things happen.

Remember in law of attraction there won’t be any hard work, instead it will be inspired actions.

In this context, inspired work means where you won’t feel you are doing hard work. But for others your actions would look like hard work. And this kind of action that you take it called inspired action.

So just be connected to the Happiness frequency by pressing the Secret Cosmic Button.

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Let us move ahead to understand different segments of manifestation:

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Money Prayer:

Money prayer: We all have a lot of misconceptions about money. So firstly we need to clear that in order to acquire wealth.

One harsh truth: Money should never be your end goal!

Look at all the wealthy people, they never speak about money, instead they speak about innovations, solving problems, the work they do to bring change.

Money is just a bi-product of what they did.

Also just imagine if you have 10 million dollars and you are stuck in amazon jungle.

What worth is that money to you?

The importance of money is just as much as the importance of petrol to a car.

That is, petrol is required to run your car but that doesn’t mean you dream of collecting petrol. Do you?

Further, you don’t know there are hell lot of people who are earning more than you can imagine but are not happy with their work.

In other words, every moment the work that you have to do is giving you unhappiness then what good is the money?

And you work 10-12 hours to earn big money and if you not happy with that work then imagine the hell that you are in.

In this case, half of your entire life is spent in hell.

Do you get my point?

You should always desire for the kind of work that you would be happy to do than to have a specific target of money.

Some other wrong beliefs about money which give you the lack feeling is people consider money spent to be money lost.

See, it is all about perception.

You can either look at it as money lost or spent or you can look at it as the things that you got sharing the money.

There is one more higher level of existential thought about money.

That is, thank you God for giving me the money to make the shopkeeper rich. Even it be spending $1, still you made the shopkeeper rich by $1 right?

So always thank god or the universe or whatever you believe in.

Considering all this perception you have got, there is a prayer that you can recite. And that is,

Prayer for money:
“Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to help people with money. Please make me capable enough to help more and more people. Also help me to always have more than enough money that I need so that I can help other people to fulfil their dreams and desires.”

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Manifestation of Desires:

Manifestation of desires: Manifesting your desires can be done with the same steps mentioned above. That is ask, believe and receive.

But we need to really evaluate what we desire is what we deserve. May be we deserve more than we desire and due to low desires we end up living at a much lower standards than we could have.

So the safest deal is to let the universe manifest the best for you as per the divine plan. That will be more than you can even imagine.

With this, you will see great miracles in different aspect of your life that is, physical, social, financial, spritual, etc.

To implement this we have to first understand where our desires come from.

Your so called desires come from the mind’s limited experiences of the outer world. Wherein the desires of the divine plan is limitless.

It will transform your life and every action would be inspired action where you never have to do the so called hard work.

Now the question is, how to let the universe manifest the best way for you?

That is by being in the happiness frequency all the time or you can say every moment. And you will get thoughts where your body will be inspired to take action and the best will start to manifest.

In order to be in the happy frequency you need to consciously press the secret cosmic button that is there inside you.

How to press the secret cosmic button?

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Law of attraction for Love:

Law of attraction for Love: If we need a summary of how to use law of attraction for different things to manifest, then it would be:

“Help people to get what you want or desire”

In more simple words, ‘give what you want’.

If you want money, start giving money with happiness. And if you want love, there is no secret rocket science either.

Give love to get love.

Now, giving love doesn’t mean to start having extra marital affairs. Common sense has to be used 🙂

It just means look at people through the eyes of love, where you don’t even think bad about them irrespective of what they do to you.

Suddenly you will observe people’s behavior will change towards you. However bad they may be to others but their behavior towards you will change.

Never expect people to change because you cannot control anything outside your body.

And when you channelize energy properly inside your body then your surroundings will change to adjust your energy and vibration.

Its been observed that lot of people strive for love and are looking for a partner. Even when they get a partner it doesn’t work out the way they wanted.

And then they restart the search.

It is always imperative to reset the inner frequency and then let the universe get things to you as per your divine plan.

This way you can always ensure that that the best partner will connect to you.

And this is one of the most ideal way to attract your soulmate.

How to set this frequency is by connecting to the cosmic source inside of you.

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Further, there are also people who want to manifest relations with a specific person. For this, You need to understand that every person has a divine plan and their own desires.

So if your desires doesn’t match with that specific person’s then you won’t be able to succeed. It will turn out to be more of a wishful thinking.

But there can always be a possibility that you can manifest a person like that where almost every behavior and vibes match but not that person in specific.

There are lot of affirmations to attract relationships and I am sure you can follow that. I personally don’t believe in it much because those are temporary and a very impractical way of manifestation.

Why I say impractical is because it doesn’t work for everyone.

Infact, 90% fail and the 10% that succeed is mainly because they had that natural implication towards the happiness frequency.

Due to which they naturally become good at manifesting anything.

In short you need to learn the art of connecting to your Happiness frequency and make it your core habit.

Like you might have observed, coming in presence of some people we get strong, good and happy vibes.

It is that frequency and you can learn it for FREE here.

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Mirror Technique:

Mirror technique: It is a technique where you mimic the external behavior of successful people and try manifesting things for you.

It is one good way to start with.

But then again it is not the perfect method because acting and mimicking is more like wearing and protecting a mask.

And we already have too much of masks that we wear to have one more.

This is an outside-in approach which again is a temporary one because you can’t act your entire way through life.

You know what you are and you will eventually feel the frustrations of protecting a mask.

Better than outside-in is the inside-out approach which has already been discussed through out this blog.

That is to press the Secret cosmic button and connect to the happiness frequency which will make the universe to manifest the best as per your divine plan by giving you thoughts where you will be inspired to take actions.

Thus manifesting things.

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weight loss is more of a common sense

Law of Attraction for Weight Loss:

Law of attraction for weight loss: There is no rocket science about weight management. In simple words the calories that you take and the calories you use determines whether you gained or lost.

If you lose calories everyday then you will lose weight.

It is just common sense, don’t make it complicated with the law of attraction and other stuffs in mind.

In order to make this process smooth, you can connect to your happiness frequency by pressing the secret cosmic button.

This will indeed make you feel like eating as per the need than ‘want and taste’.

The problem with many is they eat as per the taste and want.

And the best way to avoid is to eat consciously being in that moment.

If that is difficult for you then you can learn the secrets of connecting to the happiness frequency to make it simple.

Because this will make you be in the moment, and being in the moment you will never feel like eating more.

Like mentioned before, you can learn this art for FREE here.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. 

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